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Mio S480
Brodit Mount (Brodit 533067)

Mount for Mio S480
Reference ID: 35426.
Product Type: Brodit Mount.
Part Number: Brodit 533067.
Fitment: Mio S480 For All Countries.


£ 19.18
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Product Description:

The choice for you who want to have your device within easy reach, attached onto a ProClip instead of on the windshield suction mount. You can easily take the device with you when leaving the vehicle. The holder is equipped with a tilt swivel so it can be adjusted in order to avoid light reflection on the screen. Attach onto ProClip Mounting Platform.

This Product is also Compatible with the Following 13 Devices :

The drop-down list below provides a list of other devices which this Mount also compatible with. That means you can mount the listed devices using this product "as is" without any modifications or additional preparation.

Select a device from the drop-down list below and click the button to the right to see the detail page for that particular application.

How to Install Mount for Mio S480:

Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the mount.

1. Loosen the screw the same way as the picture.

2. Place the 533067- mount in the desired position and attach it with the enclosed screws. Place the locking ring onto the 533067-mount. NOTE: It is important to put the ring the right way onto the mount (as shown in picture). Press the original mount onto the 533067-mount. Lock the original mount onto the 533067-mount by tightening the locking ring.

3. To attach the device onto the mount: Place the device above the mount and press/slide it downward onto the mount. To remove the device from the mount: Pull the device straight upward, away from the mount.

4. The mount is in place, with device in place.

Installation Photos:

Installation Photo Installation Photo
Installation Photo Installation Photo
Additional Information

Additional Information:
Brodit - with More Than 20 Years in the Business!

Brodit was conceived back in June 1983 as its founder Ebbe Johansson was sitting in his Taxi and had the vision of talking on the phone while driving without having to pull over. Some of you still remember the mobile phones from back then. They were not as neat and handy as they are today. They were more like suitcases weighing about 40 pounds with receivers as big as a brick! Ebbe saw the need for an easy way to have the receiver installed close to the driver's seat in order to use it comfortably. As a result, the ProClip was born, which is still the market leader for mounting platforms for communication equipment in vehicles today.

Since then, many thousand different models and solutions have been developed for just about every vehicle in the world. Easy installation is one of the objectives, and another is not having to drill holes or in any other way damage the interior of the car! Brodit also produces holders for PDAs, mobile phones, GPS devices and multimedia monitors, but the ProClip is still Brodit´s main product.

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